Our Mission & Vision



To ensure equal opportunity in the administration of justice for our members and the communities we serve through leadership, mentoring, and charitable giving, and the creation of a professional association that provides support, advocacy, personal and professional development to its members and the diverse communities we serve.

Goals & Objectives



Without limiting in any manner the types of activities that the Association can conduct under its Articles of Incorporation or the Minnesota Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation Law, NLPOA Minnesota Chapter has  the following objectives:

  • The creation of a brotherhood/sisterhood and unity amongst the diverse group of peace officers and other law enforcement professionals, and the extension of the feeling to all those who have common interest in the advancement of the law enforcement profession.

  • To make available to the community, enforcement administrators, governmental bodies, such assistance or expertise as may be contained within the organization.

  • The maintenance of liaison and communication with other mutually concerned agencies and organizations.

  • To actively seek qualified law enforcement aspirants from the Latino and the other diverse communities and to assist all persons who are interested in a law enforcement career.

  • To enhance the prestige and professionalism of our members and the Latino peace officer and to increase our member's professional development and opportunity.

  • To provide scholarships for higher education to our youth to those that are commendable and interested in a law enforcement career.

  • To sponsor and participate in special and social events in pursuit of the forgoing objectives as agreed upon by the Executive Board or Membership.

  • To donate from the net proceeds generated by the Association to meaningful events, organizations and charities in pursuit of the forgoing objectives as agreed upon by the Executive Board or Membership.

  • To follow the Associations's ByLaws.

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